Radio Commercial Production

Are you looking for someone to assist you with radio commercial production? Imagine dealing with one of the great masters of radio commercial production, Wayne Moore of Moore Media Productions. Wayne has worked with companies like 60 Minutes, CNN, the Discovery Channel, and 20/20 on their shows. In addition, he's worked with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of companies on their video and radio commercials. In fact, a radio commercial is little less than a video commercial without pictures.In radio using sounds, we create a mental image of what those videos would have produced. You need an expert in knowing just the right sound to create the illusion that the picture is there. A movie without the appropriate sound track wouldn't make it, so whether it's for your church, your school, something you're advertising on the radio station, you need to work with somebody who understands your audience, understands what thrills them, what scares them, what excites them, what makes them want to buy. For your free consultation, call Wayne Moore at Moore Media Productions, 1-239-333-5202.