Video Production For Churches

Are you searching for a ministry-based organization that can help you produce streaming, fund raising, growth, discipleship, and TV shows for your church ? We can either produce them for you or teach your staff how to produce them. When you speak the audience wants to look into your eyes and see your emotion as you're teaching. Wayne’s own faith, coupled with his vast experience and knowledge in television and video production, enables him to produce for you or teach you how-to produce shows that will make your congregation and audience feel the excitement that you feel in your heart. Fill them with energy and the glory of God. Wayne is now here in Southwest Florida. He has worked with national ministries across the country. He has worked with a television production group out of Georgia with many, many churches such as In Touch Ministries, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Kenneth Copeland, Billy Graham, Jewish Voice, and many others. Give Moore Media Productions a call for a free consultation at 1-239-333-5202, and let Wayne talk to you about expanding your ministry and reaching and teaching many, many more people.