Video Production Services

Are you searching for somebody to help you create a video production? Wayne at Moore Video Productions has created videos for Charlie Daniels, such as The Devil Went Down to Georgia; The Marshall Tucker Band; the Allman Brothers; Krystal Meyers and Paul Simon, just to name a few. The truth is the guy has worked with the best in the business, created some of the best video productions out there, and whether in standard or HD, Wayne is your man. If you're a local Southwest Floridian and you're wanting to get known and promote your band, you don't want to put great music on a lousy video production. What you really want to do is look as good as you are or even better. You want somebody to really help promote you. Otherwise, nobody is going to take you seriously, not your fans or families and especially not the music moguls. With that in mind, Wayne Moore lives here in Southwest Florida, he loves the promote local musicians. Wayne is still doing work nationally, but if you're a local band or local musician and you want a little help getting out there, somebody with experience to show you how to get seen by the big, big music companies and get you on the radio, MTV and everything else, then Wayne Moore is your man. Wayne offers discounts to people in the local Southwest Florida area, so feel free to call for a free consultation at