Radio Production for Schools

Are you considering doing a radio production for your school? Maybe it's an in-school studio or maybe it's out of school. Maybe you just want someone to come in and help teach and train and educate your students. Maybe you want somebody to further credential the students already there and add to their resumes. The truth is there's a huge difference in radio production between quality and the lack thereof. Timing is a huge part of it. Equipment, yes, of course, but the fact is, it's the way the equipment is used. Things can be manipulated that on one hand make a squeal, and on the other hand out comes the Sound of Music. If you want your students to get a good education and put on a good show, you need to work with somebody who has been in the field for a long time with award-winning credentials who can actually bring success to your school. Wayne Moore has been doing radio production for schools for over 40 years. In all that time he has won many awards, worked with companies including CNN, 20/20, Fox News, ABC and Discovery Channel, to name just a few. Wayne is now living in Southwest Florida. He loves working with local schools and churches, local individuals. He likes being able to go home at night instead of having to travel to some far off land. With that in mind, he offers discounts to local schools. For a free consultation, please give Wayne Moore a call at 1-239-333-5202.