Streaming Media Production

Are you looking for someone to assist you with streaming media production? For instance, you're filming a live event, and you want things to show up on people's computers exactly as they occur, not with all the little jerkiness and dropouts and stutter effects in how the video appears. You want to make sure that the sound is clear and true and doesn't have dropouts of its own. You need to work with someone who is a professional with streaming media production. The file sizes and the way the files are transferred can affect how the recipients receive it. For instance, you could create the perfect streaming video, but if you don't set up the right software for it, the person at the other end may simply get something that comes in stop-motion, buffering forward, pausing, forward gaps, pausing for buffering, et cetera.
With that in mind, Wayne Moore of Moore Media Productions is an expert in streaming media production. He works with companies both locally and nationwide. So please, give Wayne a call for a free consultation at 1-239-333-5202.